Thursday, September 5, 2013

a new beginning.

I told you that if I started posting elsewhere I would let you know.

I am starting a church with some friends. It launches this Sunday.

read our blog and find out more at

will you come further up and further in?

Friday, August 12, 2011

the end.

after 7 years. this is the end.
that's a 1/4 of my life. (up until know.)
formative years indeed. time well spent.
the biggest changes in my life have been documented on this blog.
some of the early stuff, i don't completely agree with.
some of it reminds me of the person i used to want to be.
these are memories and ponderings frozen in time.
this is a documentation of the process of growth.
one extreme to another and then back to the middle.
i'm sure i'll write again.
just not here.
find me.

love God. love people. love wins.

this has been a handbook for the sellout.

thanks & love,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

bread crumb trail

i arise from my restless bed.
i am up before the sun.

have i fallen into the machine?
who is in control?
it or i?

where is hope?
is hope a liar?
is hope a promise?

i am a broken man.
i am in the desert wandering.
the land of confusion.
waiting for a sign.
following a bread crumb trail.

am i trapped in an endless winter?
i try to remember spring.
flowers rising to meet the sun.

am i a prodigal?
where is home?
where is hope?

rest my weary heart.
be patient.

be still my wandering mind.
be still my reckless tongue.

be still...

be still and know...

hope springs forth like waves cresting over dry sand.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

save blue like jazz

so donald miller has been trying to get his book Blue Like Jazz turned into a movie.
if you are like me and have been touched by his books, let's try and make this happen.
if you haven't read the book... get it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

proverbs and musings from microblogging

so in the age of twitter and facebook a lot of my blog "ideas" go to waste on little 140 character snippets... so i have compiled a little list of a few of my favorites... some from my facebook, some are exclusives i wrote while i was internetless in ecuador...

the man reading the book with the headphones on is actually listening to the book and looking at the pictures.

the world is beneath my toes. each path leads me to another that leads me to you.

there is a word for this and I am not at liberty to use it.

i need more music and coffee in my life.

the american married the ecuadorian.

fear and hatred are diseases that can only be overcome by hope and love.

s.o.s. very emergency.

no one ever says "first things second".

I'm planning a trip to good ol knoxville, tn. Andrew Peterson tickets bought!

I love V8 Fusion. a full serving or fruit. a full serving of veggies. and it actually tastes good.

Michael John Baysinger feels the breath of impending illness breathing down his neck.

who doesn't love talking to att&t customer service at 1 in the morning?

one out of 3 ain't half bad... it's 2/3rds bad...

soooo... bono wrote songs for the spiderman musical. ummmmm yeah. so... that happened...

i love listening to daniel johnston in the morning. he's legit.

oh garbage pail kids. how i've missed you from my life.

i'm pretty sure that the crickets outside are singing pokerface.

nouwen was meant to be read outside.

I wonder how often a piece of the puzzle never makes it into the box to begin with.

the next 25 hours will be spent in airports and airplanes... AAAAAAAAND the first flight is delayed...

ummmm so... my wife is playing christmas music... yes... you read that correctly... it's August 18th.

going to Ingapirca to check out some Inca ruins.

there are now 5 redbox locations that are less than a 1/2 of a mile from my house. that is sick.

double rainbow across the sky. what does this mean? it's so bright and so vivid.

...and that's why they invented the word "cliche".

Michael John Baysinger loves that his wife just saw the sixth sense for the first time and didn't already know the ending! what a great movie!

I met a dude named Smiles who has an amazing beard. He met his wife 13 years ago while hitchhiking (She picked him up). They are driving from California to Ohio where they bought 20 acres to live off the grid. They are fans of Derek Webb. They are in town to buy an old school bus in Morgantown to live in while they build their house. I gave them a pound of Sumatra. They gave me a bar of homemade soap. THIS is why i love my job.